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Meet Keyonna

Hey I'm Keyonna Renea,
patient advocate,
Speaker, & consultant.​

If you don't know my story yet
let me give you the cliff notes.

It took 7 years to be diagnosed with MS. Then began 4 years of countless tests, ER visits, firing doctors, hospitalizations, grieving myself, medication side effects, mounting medical bills, and contemplating suicide to reach a euphony. There’s a total disconnect between health organizations and its patients.

I took responsibility for how I showed up as a patient and invited my care team to not just see me as someone on their list or department data but a human being.

I shared the truth about the ups and downs of what It's like to navigate something as life altering as MS on social media, podcasts, blogs, and the Kansas City Star. I found that although I felt alone I wasn't. There were many stories like mine and my story was giving patients the hope and courage to change. Along the way I'm helping organizations humanize the patient experience.

I now sit on multiple councils across the metro as a certified patient advocate and mentor other patients changing the fabric of the patient experience from both ends.

With the power of my story and lived experience I'm becoming an expert in my own health journey and have my hand on the pulse of the rapidly chaning landscape of healthcare.​

I felt as though I was alone in my healing journey. I knew the healthcare system wasn't designed to heal people so I set out to find others that were doing just that. After years of trial and error, debt, and sleepless nights I created my own healthcare plan. It takes a village to reach and continue to be well and now it's part of my life's work to help you do the same.

I'm taking what I learned as a patient, my time with holistic healers, and my insight as a patient advocate to make sure you don't have to go this journey alone.

Thrive Founder Keyonna Renea


Keyonna is available for in-person/virtual events, panels, media appearances, features, and podcast interviews. She is also available for limited patient advocate and wellness navigation consulting for organizations dedicated to patient journey mapping.

Please contact us for rates.


Contact us regarding collaboration, sponsorship, and partnership opportunities on social media, podcasts, and offline events. 

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